What are your training opportunities?

What are your training opportunities?


We have lots of training and learning opportunities.

AQ – we Answer Questions before you buy and after!

We have lots of classes to choose from, and you can find them on our calendar here:


We teach In-person classes at our 4 Locations:

St. Joseph, Michigan 269-556-2552

Indianapolis, Indiana 317-478-1422

Doral, Florida 269-985-8434

Goodlettsville, Tennessee 615-756-9556

On location training by our factory trained technicians at time of delivery. You will know how to run your machine before we leave. We also feature remote training for our computerized systems.

We have tutorials on our site:


and our own exclusive Accomplish Quilting You Tube channel.

Are you on Facebook? Search for AQ Live – Longarm Quilting Training and Education -by Accomplish Quilting

Advanced Training  AutoPilot Mach3 is a self-study program where you can learn at your own pace: https://www.accomplishquilting.com/advanced-auto-pilot-training.html

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