Timing and needle bar height

Timing and needle bar height


It’s not often that you will need to check your timing. It can be caused by a minor “accident” if you hit  something such as a pair of scissors, pin, or any other hard surface item the needle bar can be driven up into the needle bar housing effectively creating a “timing issue”. This does not happen often, but if you have hit an obstacle, you can correct the timing of the machine yourself --- without a service call. 

The machine runs optimally with the hook point passing through the scarf at a certain height, if that is changed a timing issue has occurred where the machine will not stitch optimally. The needle bar should be set so that the hook assembly point should pass through the scarf (the indent in the back of the needle) at no lower than ¼ of the way up the scarf from the bottom of it and not more than ½ way up the scarf. 

Depending on the model and year of Innova you have you will either have a flat metal cover on the front, a plexiglass front with holes in the plexiglass, a Pro-Touch black and white screen, or a Lightning Stitch screen. You will need to loosen the screw at top and two screws at bottom if you have a flat metal cover, Pro-Touch, or Lightning Stitch screen and lift the cover off. You will then see a flat blade screw which holds the needle bar at the correct height. If you have the plexiglass cover with holes the larger bottom hole will accommodate a flat blade screwdriver to loosen the screw and lower or raise the needle bar height. Take care not to “twist” the needle bar or you will need to realign the needle bar so the thread guide collar directly above the needle is facing frontward. Once the needle bar height is corrected tighten the flat blade screw.

Accomplish Quilting offers a timing tool in the online store and is shown here:


This tool allows the least trained individual or machine owner to accurately time their machine and set the needle height without making errors.  It is 100% accurate and simple to use.  It ships as a set, needle bar height gauge and timing tool, complete with instructions.  It’s absolutely amazing!  No longer squint and use a magnifier to see the hook point and needle.  Step one: insert the needle height bushing and set the needle height.  Step two: attach the timing tool and swing in the needle height gauge.  Step three: swing out the gauge and raise the needle:  Step four: Rotate the hook and press the hook point tightly to the v-block and lock up the set screw it’s that easy!!!

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