Thread Break Bobbin Empty Recovery

Thread Break Bobbin Empty Recovery


When your thread breaks or the bobbin runs out, click on the Stop button if you do not have the thread break sensor. If you do have the thread break sensor and it stops with the fault on the screen, choose OK to clear the fault.  

For a thread break, check your top thread path, ensure it is correct. Remember the bobbin thread is likely still attached. Rethread machine, pick up the bobbin thread. Cut bobbin thread and pick back top thread until you have enough to do your preferred tie-off method. If you like to tie threads and bury them, take out enough to have three or four inches of thread.  

For bobbin running out, change your bobbin and take threads out to match the type of tie off that you like to do.

a. Move the sew head to where you would like to start quilting.

b. If Resume/Edit is displayed choose Resume *If Resume/Edit is not displayed - Click on GO, then quickly  click STOP.

c. You will see a message that gives you the choice to CONTINUE or MOVE. Choose MOVE.

CONTINUE will take you to the point that you stopped the machine or where it stopped itself and will start quilting. 

NOTE : Thread break sensors are usually set for 3-5 stitches, this means the machine will automatically stop after 3-5 irregular stitches. For resuming it is important to remember if you choose CONTINUE it will resume leaving those 3-5 stitches empty since it would pick up from where it stopped. Most of the time “MOVE” is going to be the best option.

MOVE will start the machine at the point closest to where you have placed the machine head.

d. The machine will move to the sewing point closest to where you have placed the sewhead.  Bring your bobbin thread up.

e. Click on CONTINUE, and your machine will begin sewing.

If you are unable to get the machine to recognize that you have stitched a portion of a row, then follow these instructions:

a. Ensure the row is green. If not, right click on the row that you need quilted, select QUEUE to make the pattern green.

b. Click on Go.  

c. Click on STOP.

d. Follow the steps above for thread break/bobbin change. 

To see this video on You Tube, click here:


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