Hopping foot height

Hopping foot height


You will need to have three tools handy to help with this process: a 3 mm Allen wrench, a dime, and a nickel. Yes, we like to keep quilting easy, and adjusting your hopping foot height is one example of a very easy task.

The hopping foot height on an Innova should be set at a dime’s width above the needle plate (typically for Hobbs 80/20 batting). In other words, when a dime is slid under the edge of the hopping foot the foot should just rest on the dime. This adjustment is made with the needle bar at its lowest position. 

Once the needle is at its lowest position, the LS screen or Pro Touch or solid metal front should be lifted off the front of the Innova by loosening the 3 screws (1 at the top 2 at the bottom) on the front of the Innova machine. If your Innova has a clear plexiglass front there is a cutout in the plexiglass for an Allen key to fit. The size of the Allen key to loosen the bolt that holds the hopping foot is 3 mm. 

With the needle at its lowest position, the Allen bolt should be loosened, and a dime placed on the needle plate. Once a dime is placed on the needle plate lower the hopping foot onto the edge of the dime, again with the needle at its lowest position. Take care not to “twist” the hopping foot, but to make sure it is facing straight forward. Rest the hopping foot on the dime and retighten the Allen key bolt.  

If a double batting or “hi loft” batting is used the setting can be adjusted to a nickel’s width between hopping foot and needle plate. Customers have had success in using a dime’s width with a thicker batting selection but may need to adjust the height to accommodate the thicker batting. Remember, any hopping foot adjustment needs to be done with the needle at its lowest position. 

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