Drive Tuning

Drive Tuning


If you encounter a “squealing” or “screeching” sound, particularly after updating Auto Pilot or Navigator,  a drive tune is necessary. ABM has assured us that one of the three parameters (either smooth, default or medium) will quiet the system down. The drive tuning is accessed through the “help” and then “diagnostics” menu.

The servo motors manufactured by IIS (Industrial Indexing Systems) for ABM International which are used to run Autopilot and Navigator require “tuning” in some instances. The X and Y belt and black smaller motor belts are hooked up with a certain amount of tension on the belts. The black motor belts should only have approximately a ¼” of give in them when pressing them together. The customer or tech should not be able to squeeze the belts together until they touch. The X belts should be higher on each side of the table nearest the end legs and “sag” slightly in the middle. They are raised on the ends to allow so the belts do not touch the table on the ends. The Y belt should also have about a ¼” of give in it when pressing the belt together. 

Because every install is different, and the belt tension cannot possibly be verified as the same amount of tightness or looseness on any one install, the customer and tech are afforded the advantage of having a “drive tuning” function in the diagnostics. The tuning parameters are labeled “smooth”, “default” and “medium” and are accessed as mentioned above. This ability to tune the system from within the computer diagnostics screen shows how Innova is dedicated to helping their customers be able to handle all aspects of their machine ownership.

This is also referred to as Drive Attentuation.

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