Channel Locks

Channel Locks


The channel locks on the Innova longarm quilting machines come in two different styles. The Electric and Insta-Grip channel locks are available for Classic and M Series machines. Both style channel locks allow you to lock your machine on the X and Y access. This allows for perfectly straight horizontal and vertical lines.

The Electric Channel locks on Innova Classic machines engage with the push of a button and on Innova computerized machines they can be engaged on the touch screen tablet or monitor. On M Series machines with robotics, you can also engage the channel locks on the Lightning Stitch Screen. These options are very user friendly.  

The Insta-Grip Channel locks offer the same perfectly straight horizontal and vertical lines. This style is a manual lock that pinches the carriage and P rail like a brake caliper. This lock is engaged by flipping the Easy Flip Handle. This operation is easy to do and is easily accessible from the rear of the machine.

Both versions of the Innova Channel Locks provide 100% positive stop on each axis that the machine travels. This 100% positivity guarantees that the Innova Longarm Quilting machine will only travel from left to right when the Y axis is locked and from front to back when the X axis is locked.  To sum this article up, Innova Channel Locks are easy to use and are simply GREAT!!!    

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