Benefits of the Dead Bar

Benefits of the Dead Bar


Many features of the INNOVA Pro-Frame benefit the longarm quilter. The two-bar take up system is one of those features. 

The term “dead bar” refers to the lowest bar of the two-bar take-up system. Why is it called dead? Good question, because it actually has a very important role in the quilting process- and not every quilting machine table has one! 

  1. The lower bar is designed to keep your quilt top level while you are quilting it. As you work through the quilt all three layers will get “taken up” or picked up on the top bar. For this reason, you never have to adjust the height of either of these bars EVER. If you have worked with systems that do not have a two-bar take-up system you understand. Most longarm brands have only one bar for taking up the three layers of the quilt.  With these systems you have to raise the bar, just the right amount, as you roll up the quilt so that the quilt does not drag on the throat of the machine. You also must make sure it’s not too high which causes the quilt to “flag” or shake which can easily cause problems with your stitch quality and cause thread breakage. Not having to adjust this part of your table is a big time-saver and by far the best design for the longarmer. 
  2. Because of the two-bar take-up system our Crosshatch Ruler Bar System can also be added to the INNOVA Pro-Frame. The dead bar can also be used as a batting bar below the table if you purchase the Crosshatch Ruler System. 

The dead bar is just one of the many details that the engineers at INNOVA developed so that all of us at Accomplish Quilting can make your quilting easy.

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