What is Backlash?

What is Backlash?


Lay the bobbin case down flat like a bowl with a bobbin in it.  Verify the bobbin does not stick up above the sides of the bobbin case more than the width of the top red section of the bobbin.


The cause of the bobbin case being too high in the bobbin is usually an incorrectly installed anti-backlash spring (aka no-backlash spring).  The anti-backlash spring is pushing the bobbin up too far.  

If the bobbin is above the sides of the bobbin case/bowl, remove and inspect the spring to make sure it is not damaged.  The most common damage to the spring is bent “ears” (aka tabs).  If the spring is damaged, replace it with a new one or an easier to use product called “ABM International Anti-backlash Disks” or “Magic Genie Bobbin Washers”. 

Available here: https://www.accomplishquilting.com/store/p546/Innova_Anti_Backlash_Spring.html

To use these disks or washers, remove the anti-backlash spring and drop one into the bobbin case.  The end condition that must be met is that the bobbin cannot be higher than the sides of the bobbin case/bow.

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